A wonderful 3-year-old young man named Will from Rockland was overjoyed when his parents gifted him his first bicycle. This was a Spiderman model and his absolute favorite superhero.

As Spiderman was his favorite superhero because he saves people by catching bad guys in his web, Will loved his new bike!

I remember when I got my very first bicycle. My sister taught me to ride it, and I can remember everything like it was yesterday.

But here's the thing, I didn't realize stealing bicycles was still something people do. I guess people are still dumb.

Because, on his very first day out on the bike, it was stolen from the sidewalk outside of the local Walgreens, according to an article by WMTW.

His Mom, Liz was so saddened by the incident. She searched the length of the sidewalk, hoping it was misplaced, but it wasn't. They were able to look at security footage and saw that someone clearly had stolen the 3-year-old's new bike and ridden off with it, the news station reported.

Liz expressed her mix of emotions, including disappointment and anger, at the state of humanity. She couldn't fathom how someone could steal a 3-year-old's first bike.

But humanity was restored for both of them soon after when this happened.

A homeless woman decided to become a different kind of superhero for Will.

She purchased a new bike for the 3-year-old boy after learning that his beloved Spiderman bicycle was stolen, the news station reported.

The woman, who wants to stay anonymous went out and bought the identical bike along with a helmet and a lock and then brought it to the Rockland Police station for Will to collect, according to WMTW.

I have learned and witnessed in my life that the greatest amounts of gratitude come from people who have the least amount of money.

The police posted an update on social media, which led to an overwhelming response from the community. Nearly $1,200 has been donated to the Mid-coast Recovery Coalition to help this anonymous superhero woman.

This selfless act most definitely restored Liz's faith in humanity.

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