One of my frustrations with the start of the current coronavirus situation is the appointment that was that scheduled appointment but could not happen. The list of things that need to rescheduled or figured out was my COVID-19 To Do list.

Fair warning this a self-important post and how I am happy I am getting my needs met.

Everything came to a halt in late March and early April. March and April were the same time frame I had several medical appointments scheduled, and ShadowDog needed to see the vet. I needed a haircut and warm weather clothes. I needed to register the car and update my driver’s license address, and the car needed service for a few things…you know, the business of life.

The only thing I somehow got in before the start of the shutdowns was ShadowDog made it to the groomers in early March. At least I had a clean dog with his spring haircut. We walk in the woods almost every day, and he is naturally very furry, so with ticks coming out early this year, that would have been a mess.

So here we are going on four months since the shutdowns started. Some of these things I was able to get done with some modifications, so I am doing well on catching up on everything.

ShadowDog had a drive-in vet visit and has had a second haircut this season. I have had two haircuts. I have been able to get some summer clothes, update that license, register the car, get the vehicle its oil change, and tire rotation. I have seen my acupuncturist a few times, and I have had TWO visits with my primary care doctor, as well as my mammogram and blood work.

The two elusive things have been rescheduling my eye doctor and dentist.

Well, it took a few phone calls, but I did get an eye appointment. I need new glasses, and I am not spending that kind of money without getting my prescription checked. I have never been so happy to go to an eye appointment.

That leaves the dentist. I was reading that the dental profession is very at risk in our COVID-19 world. I do my brush and floss and know it will be ok. But I like to keep up on these things.

How are you doing on your CV-19 to-do list?

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