Well, besides being part of this awesome radio station…I am a wedding photographer and co-owner of Thomas-john Veilleux, Maine Wedding Photographers in Augusta.  So one BIG secret of great looking photos is great looking eyes and sexy lashes make you look amazing at any time.  I have ALWAYS felt that with great looking lashes you are ready to take on the day...even without makeup!  *GASP*

So, how to you get sexy looking eyelashes? Here is what I have done...

My top five ways to make your lashes sexy:

  • Fake/Magnetic Lashes: They can look great! What I have noticed at weddings is…they don’t seem to do well with lots of heat and hugging.  Getting them on can be a struggle unless you have a steady hand.
  • Tea bags: Simple, affordable and easy to use.  Soak a teabag in some warm water and kickback with those on your eyes for a few minutes every day and you will start to see a difference in a few weeks.
  • Growth Serum: It takes a few weeks to see the full results but you can grow some great looking lashes.
  • Lash Extension: OK...these look amazing. They do cost a fair amount of money, but they last for weeks. They will need regular maintenance.  When you are ready to remove them GET IT DONE PROFESSIONALLY!  TRUST ME ON THIS.
  • Fiber Mascara: I have to say this is my favorite. It is easy to use when needed and a wide range of prices points.  I was very impressed the first time I used it.  It can be a little fussy with the fibers but once you use it a few times you will get the hang of it.

I do suggest that no matter what wash what you have put on your face. Sleeping in your mascara is not good for your eyes and you look like a hot mess.

Bonus Tip:  Eyebrows: get them done too.  They really frame your face.

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