For whatever the reason, are you spending Christmas alone this year…turn the frown upside down, after many holidays on my own, I have learned there is a A LOT of joy in embracing a ‘me day’.

It is all attitude!

7)  Go to LL Bean:  There is not much open on Christmas Day. But if you do want to get out, the LL Bean flagship store in Freeport is open.  Go and treat yo’self!

6)  Volunteer:  Many communities have community events that could use a helping hand.  That will feed your soul and a change to enjoy other caring people.

5)  Eat whatever the heck you want:  Some restaurants are open if you don’t mind dining out alone or with a little pre-planning hit up the grocery store and buy what you like.

4)  Watch whatever you want:  Go to a movie (yes, many are open on Christmas afternoon) and with cable and internet if you can’t find something to watch…well, you just are not trying.

3)  Spend the day with a good book:  Maybe that is more your thing.  Go for it.  Download your favorite to your iPad or pull out the book you have been WANTING to spend some time with and enjoy!

2) Go shopping online: Back to treating your self a little. You have the time to find what you want go for it.  Then the UPS man (or whoever) will be bringing you LOTS of fun stuff in just a few days.

1)  Go for a walk:  I have to tell you some the most pleasant walks I had have been on holiday mornings.  The world is quiet and peaceful.  Enjoy your town, beach or local walking hot spot with a quieter vib.  ShadowDog likes this one too!

Christmas, or any holiday, on your own is not the end of the world.  If you embrace the day and the fact you get do whatever you want or not want to do, it is can a nice gift in and of itself.

If you do feel a little sad, that is OK too. I just would encourage you do your best to enjoy the day and make some plan so it has its own magic.

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