It was such a nasty scene inside a Maine trailer that officials had to vacate the property and wait for respirators to arrive before they could go back in, according to the Sun Journal.

The newspaper is reporting that officials discovered what they believe is nearly 50 feral cats along with buckets of human and animal waste inside Maine trailer last month. The trailer, located in Canton, Maine, is the same spot where officials recently found two frozen pit bulls.

Rick Burton, the town's animal control officer, said that there were 'dozens and dozens' of cats, some of which were pregnant, inside the former construction trailer. The cats were originally discovered just a couple of days before Christmas when area flooding due to storms pushed a man that was living inside out of the trailer. He was forced to relocate somewhere else, though the cats remained.

When officials entered the trailer last month, in addition to all of the cats, they reportedly found buckets of both human and animal waste. This forced people on the scene out of the trailer because the odor and conditions were so bad they needed respirators before reentering.

The trailer, which had no electricity or water, was apparently home to nearly 50 feral felines. And now, area animal shelters are struggling to find room for all of them. The Sun Journal reports that the trailer, which was described as a literal biohazard, has since been condemned by the town of Canton.

Katie Lisnik, Director of the Greater Androscoggin Animal Shelter, told the Sun Journal in part,

“These cases tax local shelters like ours in many ways, but our mission is to save and enrich lives and we are doing exactly that. For community members wanting to help, please consider donating to your local animal shelter, and adopt a cat who is on the adoption floor. By adopting, you are freeing up space for another needy cat like these.”

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