It wasn't my proudest moment as a parent, but tonight I caught my almost two year old on FaceTime with his cousin Max while behind the wheel. I almost couldn't believe what I was seeing so I immediately went to reprimand him for his inexcusable actions, though as I went to remove him from the car he took off!

The chase went for what seemed like miles through the rough terrain of the kitchen, master bath and eventually through the dining room where other units (my son Evan) joined the pursuit.

I wish I could say it was a positive outcome but it wasn't. Because Gavin wouldn't put the phone down he crashed into the puppy hotel and took out our beloved Great Dane, Rambo. Gavin was promptly taken into custody and is being held on 20 goldfish bail. The prosecutors are recommending at least 5-10 days of early bedtimes.

Hope you enjoyed the chuckle ;)

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