So it's been a couple of minutes since I graduated HS. Almost 13 to be exact (Erskine Academy Class of 2006). Also, we're still waiting to have our 10-year reunion, so I guess I should get on that, huh? Anyway, I digress. I was digging around in my closet yesterday looking for some PJ pants and a sweatshirt to where at home. You know, the typical IDGAF outfit. As I was pulling down a hoodie from the top shelf, another one that had been stuck behind it fell into my arms. Well whaddaya know? It was my old EA sweatshirt that I had gotten as a Sophmore. It even has my name on the sleeve.

My wife was very quick to point out it's tattered and torn state and promptly declared that it should be thrown out. I disagreed completely. She thinks I can just buy another one- which is true - but the sentimental value of an article of clothing that went to all my classes and hung out with all my friends can't be replaced. So, I'm just gonna duct tape the holes and call er' good.

Do you have any clothing kicking around from your HS days?

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