You're probably wondering why on earth the photo for this story is of a beautiful sandy beach in Aruba looking off into the teal colored water of the Southern Caribbean. Well, quite frankly, because I believe in wishful thinking. Yeah, maybe wishing for it to be dry, sunny and 90 isn't the best thing for Maine in January. All you global warming nuts would pop a socket if that were the case.. me, I'd welcome it. I say spray a can or lysol right up at the ozone.. let's heat this b up.


Just kidding. But for real I DID actually get stuck trying to get out of my own driveway this morning. Ya see, I typically drive a 2 door Honda Civic as my commuter car and only drive the RAM when it's in-climate weather or I'm plowing. Apparently overnight with the warm temps and a couple passing showers it was like the friggin' zamboni from the ice vault made a couple swipes through my driveway. I got out of the garage but couldn't even begin to make the swing 'up' the driveway towards the road. You see, our driveway is a steep incline up to the road. Makes it really easy to get into, but rather difficult to get out of.So back in the garage went the civic and out came the RAM 4x4... She climbed up with ease and off to work I went.


Oh my wife? Yeah, she's fine. She has a new Jeep so she has enough traction to drive to Jupiter. I guess my overall point is to take it easy on side-roads, sidewalks and your own driveway. Don't need you falling and spilling your brain matter all over the place.. no one wants to see that.

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