I'm in charge of meals, help!

I'm happy and excited for my wife for a whole slew of reasons, first and foremost how she guides our kids through childhood helping with homework and all the other issues that come along with child rearing and love her managerial skills when it comes to being the President of the Edward Little High School Band Association. Maybe her title is something slightly different but the word "president" is key.

I'm also overjoyed for her that she has found a job she likes and one that is fulfilling. She works at an outpatient chemical dependency recovery center. So with all of her new activity this leads me to my conundrum or situation, what to make for a midday dinner?

Since Lynn has gone back to work full time I've been in charge of feeding myself along with feeding Vikki before heading to work. We normally rotate through about five or six meals but one can only have so many helpings of spaghetti, hamburgers on the grill, hot dogs, chicken nuggets and Shake n' Bake chicken and pork. I'm crowd sourcing for kid friendly nutritious (on most days) meals I can cook.

Any ideas would be helpful.