I'm not exactly sure why the thought of turning thirty has me all bent out of shape. I mean, I was out of shape long before thirty, but this is really bothering me! Is it because I think that thirty comes with some other greater responsibility than twenty-nine?

I mean, even at twenty-nine I; own a house, have a child, have a child on the way, own 3 vehicles, and have stainless steel appliances. I guess it could be worse, right? Oh, and credit where credit is due, all that stuff I just mentioned- half of it belongs to my hot wife, Keri.

At any point, no matter what I decide to do on my birthday, which quite frankly will be whatever the hell I want cuz I'm on vaca, I know I will definitely be listening to these two songs over some Jack Daniels.

The first song is 'My Next Thirty Years' by Tim McGraw. I have always been a fan of his, and this song definitely speaks to the kind of 'wild times' I had in my younger years. The second song is 'Trubador' by George Strait. This one might seem a little bit more odd than the first, but I bleed for country music- Surprising, right? And you can't love country without first bowing for the king... King George... Here they are!