I have seen this come up before and now that it seems like we all have this stuff around us all the time it is popped up again. I mean it makes sense. Hand sanitizer has alcohol in it and alcohol can be flammable. But if you read the story that was posted by WABI there is a lot more to this. Kudos to WABI for including ALL the information.  Apparently the photo was from a car fire that was NOT caused by hand sanitizer. They also posted that hand sanitizer would be about 300 degrees to combust like that and our cars and trucks only get to about 160 degrees. The Western Lakes Fire District in Wisconsin who posted originally did make the point that bottles left in the sun have the potential to combust. Now that we have distilleries making hand sanitizer that has a fairly high alcohol content it could be flammable under the right circumstances. I even checked the PURELL website for their warnings...and they make the very valid point that lots of things we use every day are combustible...so what to do, what to do? I can't tell you that. I would suggest you click in and read the entire story below. I can tell you what I am have done and will keep doing.  I DO keep hand sanitizer in my car. I normally keep it in my cup holder. But I will be moving it to a location that is still handy but not in the sun.

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