As many of you know I quit smoking. It will be 10 weeks tomorrow. Cravings are minor but the reminders of smoking those Marlboros are everywhere. Are we at a place yet where we can have a ban on logo pricing outside convenience stores? You know what I’m referring to. An example is the brand with the price on a card usually stapled to a pole or staked in the ground. I know this is America and advertising is important but with bans on TV, radio, sporting venues, etc. Heck, Winston doesn’t even sponsor NASCAR anymore.

I’m trying not to be the ex-smoking anti-smoker but it’s hard not to be. Maybe I’m just being selfish? I’m not calling for an all out ban because that would cause anarchy. I do however think more attention needs to be spent on squeezing out smoking, its dangers and not to mention the health of others around smokers.

I know we’re not Canada but in Nova Scotia, cigarettes can’t even be displayed behind the counter anymore. They’re locked up like drugs at the pharmacy.

Sadly I still see myself checking the prices of cigarettes as I pass by convenience stores. “If I still smoked, $6.19 isn’t a bad price for Marboro Lights. I’m not obsessing over it, but I’d sign a petition if one came around to ban logo price advertising outside stores.