If, in 2019, I asked you about companies that make all-electric vehicles, the first (and, probably only) company that would have popped in your head was Tesla.  For about a decade, the Elon Musk owned company has had a near monopoly on the electric vehicle industry in the US.

It looks like that is changing…  And, it is changing FAST!  Every time you turn on the TV (or ad supported streaming service) you probably see a commercial for General Motors’ upcoming EV options.  The ad features a journalist named Malcolm Gladwell and a really, really, REALLY catchy song called “Never Die” by an EDM producer named FNDTY.

Additionally, Nissan, BMW, Audi, and more are selling all-electric vehicles.  Most of the others are developing at least one model of EV.

Of course, there are some proponents to how rapidly we seem to be moving in the direction everyone using electric vehicles.  Hey have several valid concerns, primarily focused on the needed infrastructure.  One of their biggest concerns is charging vehicles during long distance trips.

There is some really good news with regards to that concern.

According to Efficiency Maine, there are over 47,000 charging stations in the United States and Canada.  Here in Maine, there are nearly 250 charging stations.  Right now, there are charging stations along the I-95 corridor.  There are even some “off the beaten path”.  Augusta, Waterville, Hallowell, Pittsfield, Lewiston, Auburn, Brunswick, Boothbay Harbor, and Bangor all have charging stations.  Some of these stations even have the fast chargers that can recharge your vehicle in about twenty minutes.

Efficiency Maine has even put together an interactive map that makes it easy to plan out your trip.  Check it out HERE

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