Yesterday was a really great day to get outside and have a little fun. And, because it's still early season, you don't have a lot of boat traffic to compete with at the boat landing!

When we realized just how warm the afternoon sun was yesterday we decided to call my parents and see if they wanted to come out for a spin on the lake with us. Where it was kind of last minute and my parents are both busy with projects or work I didn't think they'd bite- I was wrong!

If you don't know the back story, the boat that I'm always out cruising around in is actually my parent's boat, however, they rarely use it. So, being the adoring son that I am, I take it every chance I get!

So late yesterday afternoon when Keri was done with her work for the day we loaded up and headed out to beautiful China Lake. Not only was the weather pretty spectacular for mid-May, but the water was nice and calm, too. We only ended up seeing about three other boats out there as well.

And of course, is any evening trip around the lake complete without a stop at the Landing for a couple hamburger and chicken baskets? I think not! It was a little weird to be standing next to the takeout window and still have to phone your order in. But her, COVID guidelines, am I right?

The only thing missing from our late-day lake cruise was my oldest son Evan. He was visiting cousins yesterday, so he'll have to wait til next time.. which will probably be this weekend anyway. As for the 2-year-old Gavin, you can't keep the kid out of the driver's seat. He constantly wants to be sitting there with his hands firmly gripping the steering wheel. That typically leads to us boating in circles- but hey, it makes the kid happy!

Remember, you don't have to have access to a boat to still enjoy Maine's lakes and ponds, even just grabbing a blanket and packing a picnic lunch is all you need for a fun day lake-side here in Maine, so get out and enjoy!

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