As I was doing the final broadcast of the season for the Salvation Army last Friday evening, Marie-Anne and Michelle, my wife and daughter showed up. Michelle started checking out the display of tablets and had an idea...

"Let's make our picture the wallpaper on all of these," she said.

I was all over that idea so, one by one, we used the built in cameras to take our pic and set the wall paper on all four of them to pictures of us. It'll be kind of the "stock photo" that comes with picture frames when someone buys the display models, provided the store doesn't change them for some reason.

Hey, who twenty years, maybe we'll have a Moose scavenger hunt and ask for someone to bring in an old tablet with that picture on it. Maybe, just maybe, it could make you a HUGE winner of millions of dollars! Doubtful, but it could happen.

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