When I went to efile my taxes last night, TurboTax told me that, because of something on the form, my Maine taxes had to be mailed. At 6pm, there's no post office in China open and I wasn't about to go to Augusta so I mailed them this morning....the 16h, not the 15th...

Long story short, I figured I'd try to avoid penalties by writing the governor a nice note and delivering it with a Moose t-shirt. I didn't have much time, so I parked as close to the mansion as I could....unfortunately, it was in front of the (closed) main gate.

Jon's professionally conceived and written note to the governor
Jon's professionally conceived and written note to the governor (I was in hurry, which is probably why, instead of "charged" I wrote "chard." Hmmmm

I walked around to an open gate, knocked on the door and got Lynn (who I know), who went and got First Lady, Ann LePage. Ann, who just finished working out, took the time to come chat with me and took my offerings for Governor Paul LePage, pleading the fifth as to whether or not I'd get my desired "forgiveness."

I confessed to parking in front of the gate and she warned me that security was probably going to have me towed.

Seconds later, a state trooper, part of the governor's security detail, came looking for the perp who had parked in front of the gate. I confessed and was quickly escorted out to where a Capital Police cruiser was waiting for a tow truck. I knew the police officer and traded niceties and then was hurried along by the trooper as there was a delivery waiting to get in.

All I can say is, I learned a lesson about not parking where I did. Luckily, I didn't have to pay for that misstep. After all, that would have defeated the whole purpose of going to the Blaine House in the first place.

Oh, and I scored some chocolate chip cookies!

Ann LePage, we love you!! Thank you for your always-wonderful spirit (and the cookies). And as you requested, I would love to have you and Travis Mills back on the show anytime (and bring the Governor with you if he's free!).


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