The Kennebec River is popular throughout Maine for its simple and natural beauty. It offers many perfect spots to sit and soak in the stunning views of the river and all the historic buildings nearby. Normally, sitting next to a body of water can be quiet, calm, and filled with Zen.

But this Maine river is far from calm or quiet. Just beneath the surface, something extraordinary tends to make a giant splash during the summer months. And guess what? I witnessed the amazement of these river monsters last night. What are these river monsters?

Sturgeon! These Atlantic sturgeon swim in the river and leap out of the water. And it's not just any ordinary fish. It's this crazy-looking prehistoric giant that can jump five-to-six feet out of the water. My wife and I guessed they were at least three-to-four feet long and 25-30 pounds. What a spectacle!

Last summer, the sturgeon in the Kennebec were very active, but I missed the chance to see them. I'm thrilled that I finally witnessed it last night! Check out the video!

An article posted on Maine Public last summer spoke about how amazing these sturgeon are. The head of the sea-run fisheries at Maine Department of Marine Resources, Sean Ledwin, said,

Sturgeon are a real success story in Maine, the Kennebec River is the biggest spawning aggregation. And with the Clean Water Act, the clean up of the river and the removal of the Edwards Dam (in Augusta), the sturgeon population has really grown significantly. And we’re really excited that people get to see them jumping in the river normally and then witness this unusual but spectacular event here in the Cobbossee Stream in Gardiner.

These monsters were jumping so high that I could barely keep my mouth closed the entire time. The best part? You didn't have to wait long between the spectacular leaps!

Have you been to the Kennebec River to watch the sturgeon this summer? It's a real treat for the entire family!

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