A few weeks ago, News Center Maine's Lee Nelson made a splash on social media because of some leaked photos showing how he was JACKED!  The photos were quickly taken down making people wonder what was going on in the life of the man who's been a staple of TV news in Maine for thirty years.

A few days later, Nelson made an announcement on social media explaining the situation.  Basically, the photos had been taken as part of a promotional package for his new business.  He was leaving News Center Maine to start a new career as a personal trainer.

It looks like the day has come for him to step away from the anchor desk.

According to WCSH, tomorrow (Friday, October 30th, 2020), Nelson will anchor his last newscast.

The 58 year old newscaster considers himself a bit of a gym rat.  In fact, he has been a certified personal since 2010.  Following his retirement, he plans to see clients at Foley’s Fitness Center in Scarborough.

Nelson had followed in his father's footsteps.  A successful broadcaster, his father worked for stations in Maine, Boston, and New York.  After overcoming a stammer, he started his career as a page at NBC in New York.  He started anchoring the morning news on WCSH 6 in 1990.  He held that position until making the switch to anchor the evening news last year.

Nelson is married to co-anchor Cindy Williams, whom he met while they were working at a station in Mississippi.

We wish him all the best in his new adventure.


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