The last thing that anyone wants to think about after a tragic mass shooting like the one that happened in Lewiston, Maine on October, 25th, is the large cost of having a funeral- let alone 18 of them.

In the days and weeks following the shooting, their have been countless GoFundMe pages created to help aid in the cost of honoring and burying loved ones that were victims of the senseless act of violence. And while the community has done an amazing job in coming together to raise tens of thousands of dollars for the victims' families, it looks like there's a chance the expenses will be covered in full.

The Kennebec Journal published an article explaining that Maine Governor, Janet Mills, is currently working to cover the costs in full utilizing the Governor's contingent account. A spokesman for Mills said in part,

“Her administration is working to ensure that the families of victims do not have to bear any financial costs for the funerals of their loved ones,”.

Additionally, Maine's governor is currently working with the US Small Business Administration to assist in businesses that lost revenue during the shelter-in-place order that followed the shooting in Lewsiton.

The Kennebec Journal reported in part,

"Meanwhile, Mills announced Monday that the U.S. Small Business Administration has approved her request to make emergency financial assistance available to Maine businesses directly affected by the mass shooting that prompted shelter-in-place orders for two days, effectively closing local businesses in towns and cities in Androscoggin and Sagadahoc counties during a search for the suspect."

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