If you're like me, then you spend countless hours scrolling through the miscellaneous listings of the Facebook Marketplace. Or is it the Meta Marketplace now? Either way, the amount of time I waste by peeping through the items people are trying to unload in Central Maine is ridiculous.

And while I never actually buy anything I see, it never stops me from scrolling through the photos of unique items that I find interesting. This is exactly how I came across this Tuk Tuk.

What the heck is a Tuk Tuk and why is there one for sale in Lewiston, Maine? According to WikiPedia, they are a type of auto rickshaw, though the one we found is setup a little different. Wiki says,

The auto rickshaw is a common form of urban transport, both as a vehicle for hire and for private use, in many countries around the world. They are especially common in countries with tropical or subtropical climates, since they usually are not fully enclosed, and in many developing countries because they are relatively inexpensive to own and operate. As of 2019, Bajaj Auto of PuneIndia is the world's largest auto rickshaw manufacturer, selling 780,000 during the fiscal year.

This one in Lewiston was built to be used in the Bahamas, but since the port is now closed, it's being sold right here in Maine. This three-wheeled vehicle appears setup to be used as a food/snack truck with a water tank and plenty of storage for snacks and other goodies.

And, like the seller says, even if you don't use it for its intended purposes, it's a wicked conversation starter. Though I don't know if I'd pay $16,000 (OBO) to start a conversation.

Check out the photos!

Live Your Food Truck Dreams with This Tuk Tuk for Sale in Lewiston, Maine

This three-wheeled machine comes ready to help you start your own street-eats side hustle here in Maine.

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