Guess what? Bowlicious, the food truck sensation, has just honored the dynamic duo from the 92 Moose morning show, Matt James and Lizzy Snyder, by naming two delectable menu items after them!

This idea came about at the 5th annual Camp Out Hunger food drive.

Bowlicious Food Truck was parked with us in the Sam's Club parking lot, offering their delicious food to those who came and donated to Centrals Maine's largest food drive.

Lizzy Snyder
Lizzy Snyder

Lizzy Snyder's smoothie obsession took a surprisingly delightful turn when Stephanie from Bowlicious whipped up a scrumptious Apple Pie Smoothie, generously infused with hints of banana. Lizzy's lifelong love for bananas only added to the flavor excitement.

As for Matt James, his culinary loyalty shines through as he opted for the chicken nuggets basket, no surprise there, given that chicken nuggets are practically his exclusive preferred dish domain. It's only fitting that a menu item named after him would revolve around the cherished chicken nugs.

Lizzy Snyder
Lizzy Snyder

Stephanie and Toby, owners of Bowlicious, displayed their generosity by featuring the two DJs on their menu!

Now, Midcoast Maine lovers have the option to sip on Lizzy and indulge in a dish named after Matt!

Curious about where the fantastic Bowlicious food truck will be heading next? Check it out! Bowlicious is a locally family run gluten free food truck with scrumptious and nutritious, fresh, sweet &savory bowls!

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