After a nearly non-existent Spring and a mediocre first few weeks of Summer, it looks like most Mainers' favorite season has finally arrived!

According to Tropical Tidbits, the end of next week will be BROILING!

On Thursday (July 18), Central Maine could see temps as high as 87.  Southern Maine could see a high temp of 89.  DEFINITELY a beach day!

Friday (July 19), will see a slight dip with highs in the upper 70s.

The high temps return on Saturday (July 20), though.  Central Maine will see temps around 95 and Southern Maine could see highs of nearly 100 degrees!

Sunday (July 21) will be about the same.  Highs across the state in the mid to upper 90s

Get outside and embrace the Summer weather (here in Maine, it's way too short)!  But, wear lots of sunscreen and stay hydrated!


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