A few weeks ago, as most of us were enjoying the mild winter, we warned you that February could be kind of rough due to the Polar Vortex.  Well, it looks like that's what we're beginning to deal with.

There's a good chance we could have several decent winter storms toward the middle-end of this coming week.

According to WMTW, our first taste of nastiness could be this coming Tuesday (February 16th).  The storm will roll into our area as a wintry mix that morning.  As the day progresses, it will transition to to all snow.  Depending on where you are in the state, you could see anywhere from 1 to 3 inches of snow (slush?  sleet?).  We could see a high of 37 degrees during this storm.

Thursday's storm will start in the early afternoon as snow, but switch to a wintry mix as the afternoon goes on.  With a high of 37, this will eventually change over to an icy rain.

Through the overnight and into Friday morning, we can expect a mix of rain and snow.  As temperatures rise to around 43, this will switch to all rain.

At this point, they are saying we can expect as much as 3 inches of snow and ice from this weather event.

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