A Maine driver who mistook their gas for the brake repeatedly, crashed into several cars and then Denny's Restaurant on Sunday.

There are at least a few stories that come out of the State of Maine each year that involve someone confusing the pedals in their car. And, more often than not, it always seems to end with a car coming to rest inside an area restaurant.

According to WGME 13, on Sunday morning in Bangor, a driver at the Denny's Restaurant on Haskell Road mistook their gas and brake pedals. This led to the vehicle surging ahead and crashing into the building. This caused plates to fall off of nearby tables.

After that, the person shifted to reverse and backed up. After backing up, the car then proceeded to lunge forward again and crash into four parked cars in the parking lot. WGME reported that there were people sitting in at least one of the four cars.

The news station reported that no injuries were reported at the scene on Sunday, however multiple vehicles did have to be towed away due to the extent of the damage caused by the confused driver.

Max Maldonado, who witnessed crash, told the news station in part about the experience,

“I was getting my Slumberjack. I was ready to eat and next thing you know there you go a big boom. I mean a boom that it was unexpected. I thought maybe an engine blew up".

At this time, the identity, age and gender of the driver in question has not been released to the public. We will keep this story updated as more information becomes available to us.

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