The annual 'Maine Games National Anthem Vocalist' contest was held this past Saturday (April 19) at the Kora Shrine, in Lewiston. This year's winner is Terrance Coley, Sr., a member of the Lawrence High School staff. He joined us today (April 23) on the Moose Morning Show.

Terrance auditioned at the Maine Games first competition in 2007, and was the second runner-up. Seven years later he came back and knocked it out of the park!

Terrance is known throughout the area as "The Singing Janitor" and for years has sung throughout Lawrence High School and is a regular performer at Bulldog sporting events. His first public performance for the Maine Games was last week at the Maine Shrine Circus in Lewiston.

Listen for Terrance singing the anthem at other upcoming events. He tells us more in our interview and he sings the National Anthem for us, as well.