When it comes to travelling to and around Maine, there are many different options people have as far as overnight stays. Many people these days are using VRBO and other home rental apps.

Other people may bring along their camper, RV or other recreational-style overnight accommodations. However, for most people, the old-fashioned hotel stay works just fine. However, there are some things you may want to consider doing as soon as you get checked in and up to your room.

Recently, I was reading an article that was published by Lifestyle1st.Com where they explained some not-so-common things that people should be doing in their Maine hotel rooms. One example was to bring a sandwich bag to put the hotel room TV remote into so that you don't have to physically touch the dirty buttons.

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Some of the other hacks the publication shared was to keep an empty chap stick tube with you to hide rolled up cash money inside. Rubbing a bar of soap on the mirror can be a great way to help reduce fogging when you're taking those 30 minute hotel showers. On the same token, you can also hang your clothes up in the bathroom so the steam from the shower can help lessen wrinkles incurred during travel.

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The hack that honestly surprised me the most was when Lifestyle1st.Com recommended putting a shower towel either under or up against the bottom of your hotel room's door. When I read it at face value I was a little confused why this would be a 'hack'. But after reading a little further, it all began to make sense.

Noise. Yup, noise. It's no secret that, especially in the summer months, people staying at hotels in Vacationland can be a little...well, noisy. And, at least for most of us, we don't want to be that guy or girl that immediately picks up the phone to complain to the front desk.

Instead, travel experts say that you can easily place a shower towel against the bottom of the hotel door to muffle the outside noises. I always thought most of the noise you hear is coming through the walls, but apparently a vast majority of it is actually coming from under the small space in the bottom of your door. Genius!

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