Another eerie phenomenon is happening, and it could be happening at your local gas station. Say what?

We've discussed zip ties on car doors before, but now it's fruit at the gas station? When I first heard about it, I wasn't sure if this was an insane myth or actual reality.

Is this fake news, misinformation, or hackers trying to get you to click a link? After more research, there sadly seems to be some information backing this.

A video was shared on TikTok, talking about this very thing!

Apparently, the idea is that drug dealers supposedly leave fruit (like apples or oranges) at gas stations as a signal to potential buyers that drugs are available nearby.

Obviously, if you see fruit on the gas pump at your local station, you're not going to think much of it, right? If it were me, I'd probably throw it away!

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And if you don't think this is already frightening enough, apparently, if you pick one of the apples or various fruits, that will allegedly signal the drug dealer watching you that you want drugs.

So wait, this means that dealers are creeping nearby and staring at the fruit until someone picks it up? That is absolutely insane!

It's always good to be safe, no matter what the phenomenon is. So from this day forward, the only apples and oranges you touch should be from your own pantry or fridge!

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