While public schools serve the majority of students here in the great state of Maine, there are a select number of large private schools that play a huge role in our educational system.

The newest issue of 2024 Mainebiz was just released, and involved a list of Maine's largest private schools. I was curious to see who was at number one, and a bit surprised as well.

Before we get to that, let's talk about the amount of big private schools we have here. The list shows 26 private schools featured throughout the entire state.

The big question here is how much does private school cost? I was surprised by the amount when I looked it up myself.

According to Private School Review, the average cost of Maine private school tuition is $22,468 per year for 2023-2024. Furthermore, they say that elementary private schools average a tuition of $16,377. But get this, private high school tuition average is a whopping $30,059 per year.

According to National Choice Week, Maine private schools offer unique curriculum, smaller classes, and faith-based traditions. They cater to diverse needs, from religious education to specialized programs for children with special needs.

Below is a list of Maine's 26 largest private schools based on the Mainebiz Issue of the 2023 fall enrollment!

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