It's not very often that articles about politicians are positive, am I right? Is it because negativity sells? Is it because we're living in such polarizing and divisive times? Or, is it all of the above?

At any rate, we couldn't be happier to share a story of positivity about a good deed done by a Maine politician. And even though I'm a registered Republican, I GUESS I can write something nice about a local Democrat ;)

According to the Kennebec Journal, Tavis Hasenfus, a democratic representative from Readfield, and his wife, Nicole, did something wicked awesome last week.

Following that crazy September heat wave that had Central Maine school closing early, they donated FOURTEEN air conditioners to the Winthrop Elementary School, the newspaper reported.

That's one air conditioner for each of the school's classrooms. How freakin' sweet is that?!

Rep Hasenfus told the KJ in part,

“You could see the difference the next day. “I’m sure they are seeing the difference, too. You need to be comfortable to learn and, if not, you can’t learn.”

Superintendent Jim Hodgkin told the KJ,

“Last Thursday was the first time in my 40 years that school was closed early due to the heat. In the future, that will not be a problem for the grade school, but could still happen at the middle or high school, which does not have (air conditioning) in the classrooms.” 

When Travis and Nicole were asked how much it cost to supply the school with the air conditioners, the pair refused to divulge, saying to the KJ that there were other people in the community who spend even more to give back.

If this story doesn't make us all take a step back from political polarization, I don't know what will. What an incredible story and an awesome deed done. Thank you, Travis and Nicole!

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