I can almost hear your thoughts. As you read the title of this article, you're like, what is going on?

"Librarians with a bong?" Say what?

When you look at the photo, it does give off that impression but rest assured, it's not a bong despite the picture.

As you look at the photo posted by the Maine State Library, you notice that there is a group of librarians and the gentleman in the front is holding something looking awfully similar to a massive bong.

The bong isn't a bong at all, but instead, the esteemed Trivia Snail!

According to the post, the librarians triumphed at the New England Library Association conference where librarians from all over joined forces to engage in a lively trivia competition!  They were competing against their counterparts from other states and they won!

Returning victorious they proudly showcased their ehem, trophy.

At first glance you may think you're staring at a bong, but instead it's the coveted snail trophy they won and are gladly posing with.

Our Maine librarians are vital to the community and the work they do is so very important to the education of our world! They serve as gatekeepers to knowledge, and  playing a crucial role in promoting education.

Check out the the most quant library in this Maine village here! 

As tradition says, the snail will now grace the office of the Maine State Librarian until next year's competition.

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