A 39-year-old Maine man was taken to this hospital with serious injuries following an altercation with a would be vehicle-burglar on Saturday night.

According to an article published by WGME 13, a chaotic scene unfolded at the Lewiston Cumberland Farms on Saturday evening. Police say that they received 911 calls about two men fighting in the parking lot.

Police report that 45-year-old, Emerico Palacio, was attempting to steal another man's truck. The man in the truck was fighting back against the thief and that's when he was stabbed with the box cutter.

45-year-old Emerico Palacio
45-year-old Emerico Palacio

Police then say that Palacio left the scene in a car filled with other people. They were able to track the vehicle down and make a traffic stop on it a short time later. WGME reported that that's when police were able to take Emerico into custody and charged him with Aggravated Assault.

He was transported to the Androscoggin County Jail where his bail was set at $2,500.

WGME went on to explain that the 39-year-old victim was transported to an area hospital where he was being treated for serious, but not life-threatening, injuries.

This is a developing story that we will continue to keep updated as more information becomes available to us.

All suspected are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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