Maine is #1 in New England and #7 nationally for 'food insecurity'.

Saw those number on WGME this morning.

Not the list we should be at the top of in my opinion. We can do better than this...we are Mainers!

Food insecurity is not having access to adequate food. In my opinion there is really no reason this state being should exist for so many in the nation or world.  Hunger is one of those issues that is easy to understand and easy to fix.

I know there are a zillion other issues that can swirl around hunger and food issues at all levels but the core problem and solution are so simple.

I challenge you to take a few moments and decide how you can help others or yourself: make a donations (big or small), volunteer some time, learn about healthy food choices and just be aware of the issue.

People are hungry, so let's feed them.

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