In a post from the Maine State Police Facebook page, we learned that Maine State Trooper Castonguay from troop F was involved in a Moose collision last night.

Trooper Castonguay was on his way to a call when a moose entered his path on interstate 95 near Island Falls. The trooper was not able to avoid the collision and ended up striking the animal. Reports indicate the trooper escaped without serious injury. We are unsure what the condition of the moose is in, however after reviewing the photos, it's speculated the animal didn't make it.

Maine State police remind all motorists to be extra mindful of Maine wildlife, especially in the spring, as the warmer weather has Maine creatures up and on the move. For example, look at the multiple bear stories coming out of Central and Western Maine.

Taking a look at these photos, you can see just how big and tall Maine moose really are. Looking at the front of the trooper's car, you see almost no damage to the bumper, grill, hood or headlight area. Most of the time, moose are so tall that on impact, the front of your car will go right under them and you end taking the impact to your windshield.

Moose are also extremely difficult to see because, unlike many other animals, their eyes don't reflect light very well. Couple that with the fact that they are brown and it makes for quite a nighttime hazard on Maine roadways.

We're fortunate that our Trooper escaped with his life, this could have been much worse. And remember, always be paying attention for Maine wildlife when travelling our beautiful roadways.

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