Townspeople could be seen shaking their heads in utter disgust as they drove up to their community post office on Wednesday after seeing the destruction left behind from apparent vandals.

According to an article published by the Kennebec Journal, United States Postal Employees were appalled to find swastikas, hateful phrases and apparent gang tags spray painted on the side of the Thorndike, Maine Post Office on Wednesday morning.

The KJ is reporting on Thursday that the town's Postmaster, Candace Raven, spend a considerable amount of time trying to cover the tags and hateful symbols with spray paint on Wednesday morning, but wasn't done by the time some of the townspeople had arrived to conduct their postal business.

The Kennebec Journal says that in addition to the anti-Semitic messaging that was all over their building, the vandals had also painted several other words including 'Geeker Party', 'Ice Baby' and 'TEHE' on the side of the Thorndike Post Office.

Thorndike's Town Clerk, Rose Hill, told the Kennebec Journal that she, along with many other residents, were shocked to learn about the hateful vandalism.

At this time, town officials and police are unsure who is responsible for the vandalism, though they hope that through the use of photos and the power of social media that someone will come forth with information about the incident and, more importantly, who all is responsible for it.

With the ongoing conflict between hamas and Israel, there has been a steady rise in reported Jewish hate crimes all around the United States. Sadly, the vandalism in Thorndike is just another example of that.

We will continue to keep this story updated as more information becomes available to us.

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