Welcome to a world of peace. Treat yourself by leaving the noise of every day life and vacationing for a weekend away at this magical AirBnB Tiny Garden Home, located in Belfast.

This spectacular hidden gem is located on an acre of land and the own lives in the main house. The guests are welcome and encouraged to wander around the property taking in the lush gardens full of perennial flowers, as the site says. 

Kate is a 5 star host and she wants to welcome everyone to the garden house of their dreams. This tiny home is priced at $135 per night, according to Air BnB.

Because of the flowers literally everywhere, their are beautiful birds and butterflies that also call this spot home.

Air BnB
Air BnB

The amenities include a private deck where you are encouraged to have tea or coffee and even picnics. In the kitchen is a hot plate, sink, and refrigerator for your food. The queen bed in the bedroom looks too comfy to ever leave, not to mention the outdoor shower that will really make you feel, one with nature.

Imagine waking up, hearing pure nature all around you. Smelling the flowers and feeling the sun on your face.

Air BnB
Air BnB

Also offered in this property is a wood fired hot tub to soak in and composting toilet. Very environmentally friends. They also provide the wood for a night time fire pit!

Kate also mentions on the site that she has two puppies that like to roam free about the garden and to please keep the gate closed so they don't escape

This heavenly treasure is a top pick if you want to rejuvenate your soul solo or take your lover on a trip to feel the peaceful calls of nature.

To check out even more of their amenities, click here for the website. 

Take a look below at the entire property and make sure you schedule your visit soon!

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