It's something that most of us here in Maine have come to love- a good old fashioned summer thunderstorm. But sometimes those storms can produce more severe conditions than we bargained for. That wasn't the case for all towns yesterday here in Maine, but it certainly was in Rangeley.

Nestled in the heart of Western Maine, Rangeley is a beautiful Appalachian Maine town with a population of  1,146 people. To say the place is gorgeous would be an understatement. I mean seriously, have you ever been to Quill Hill? If you haven't, you should go!

Yesterday we reported early in the day that there was going to be a possibility of some potentially severe thunderstorms sweeping the region as low pressure and high humidity collided over the state. Our predictions certainly didn't disappoint!

Arguably, the hardest hit area yesterday afternoon was, in fact, Rangeley. Though we did hear from Moose Listener Paige Williams this morning and she indicated it got so bad in the town of Washington that her family went down into the basement as a safety precaution.

While scrolling Facebook earlier today, I came across these videos posted by Rangeley Balsam that shows just how bad things got. These videos show the power of the gusting wind, the driving force of the rain and how quickly tree branches and power lines were coming down.

In the second video you'll see a clip of Rangeley Lake, already known for being consistently choppy, churning with rolling whitecaps and crazy wind, rain and fog blowing across the water.

While we did get several reports of power outages, at last check, there were no injuries reported, thankfully. And though we certainly don't wish this kind of weather on anyone, we do appreciate Rangeley Balsam going out of their way to provide Mainers with some pretty cool, albeit a little scary, videos of yesterday storms.

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