Have you ever lost something valuable to you and convinced yourself that you were never going to see it again? Well, that's exactly what happened to one Maine man who was out enjoying some recreation in the Maine woods.

Eight years ago while Shawn Howard was hunting with a friend in Brighton, Maine, he ended up losing his wedding ring. And let's be real, you don't just lose your wedding ring deep in the Maine woods and then just magically find it 5 minutes later. Sadly, that's just not how it works. As it turns out, if you lose your wedding ring in the woods of Maine, it will take you about eight years and a little help from Facebook to get it back.

Fast forward to 2020, years after the ring was lost. Shawn and his wife are now completely convinced that neither of them will ever see this ring again. But guess what happened next? A post popped up on a page that Shawn follows called 'Maine Moose Hunting' and it was a picture of a wedding band that had been found in the woods of Brighton, Maine. No way this could actually be THE ring that was lost almost a decade ago. Well, actually, it totally was! Thanks to a fellow hunter that took the time to post about it in the hunter's group, Shawn now has his ring back. He and his wife are both pretty happy about this because they're celebrating their 19th wedding anniversary today!

Oh, and aside from the ring looking a little more 'weathered' than it used to, it still fits and Shawn is ecstatic to have it back. His wife is thrilled, too. As a matter of fact, she was in tears when she heard the news that it had been located. What a great, and pretty unbelievable, outcome.

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