A few days ago, I received an email that scared the crap out of me.

So, after I was done in the bathroom, I finished reading it.

The subject line: "Your Fine For Speeding"

Say what? I pride myself in being a very good driver. In fact, I have even gotten pulled over for driving too slow. So this email could not have been for me, right?

It went on to say, "You've been detected with a speed infringement. Reason: Negligent driving in Greenwich CT"

Last time I was in Connecticut was when I was attending college at The University of New Haven. Another reason why this absolutely could not have been me. They got the wrong guy!

Here's the worst part, they are allegedly giving me a fine of $990.14. I wonder how they determined the .14 cents?

Either way, this is ridiculous, and I soon noticed how scammy it smelt. Then, they tell me that if I want to check out the "photo proof" they have of my "negligent driving" I am more than welcome to click a link.


Not falling for that, and I truly hope if you get these emails you don't either.

Lizzy Snyder
Lizzy Snyder

I have attended numerous phishing and email hacking trainings throughout my career and there are a few tips that have been very helpful for me. Misspelling, the origin of the email, and grammar.

The email came from Penalties@speedcamerafines.com. Normally, when it's a .com, it is not a legitimate address. Remember that .org or .gov is more legitimate than a .com, which anyone can obtain.

Keep yourself safe and never click on a link if you are unsure. Also, make sure to google the original email address and like me, they will tell you it's a scam. The more you share, the more you know.

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