According to a post on the Augusta Police Department Facebook page, someone called the department Monday (January 20th) evening, to let them know about about a potential scam.

The caller had gotten an email from someone claiming to be from Amazon.  The email said there was an issue with the person's order.  When they called the number in the email, the person who answered asked for remote access to the person's computer in order to fix the shipping issue.

There should almost never be a reason that someone should need remote access to your computer in order to fix a shipping issue.

Also, when you get emails claiming to be from legitimate businesses, check the sender's email address. If it is not a normal looking domain (like, or, etc) there is a good chance it is from a scammer.  Legitimate American business will not normally send an email from a gibberish or foreign (.ru, for example) domain.

Please be cautious and be safe!

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