Townsquare Media, along with  Damon's Beverage & Redemption are proud to introduce Mainers Who Inspire Maine. You don't have to be a super well-known person to be able to be inspirational. There are Mainers every day who are doing the everyday types of amazing things to keep Maine going in this pandemic. It's bringing out the best in so many people and we want to celebrate them!

Our first Mainer Who Inspires Maine is retired US Army Sergeant Travis Mills is a motivational speaker, actor, author, and small business owner.  In April of 2012, while serving in the 82nd Airborne in Afghanistan, Sergeant Mills was critically injured by an improvised explosive device.  While he ended up losing portions of both arms and both legs, he did end up recovering.  Since then, he has become an inspiration to thousands.

His Travis Mills Foundation is dedicated to helping post-9/11 veterans injured in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  He lives by the motto “Never give up.  Never quit.”

In 2017, he was the subject of the documentary "Travis: A Soldier's Story"

You can find out more about Travis Mills at his foundation's website

Travis Mills… Inspires Maine.

Mainers Who Inspire Maine is powered by Damon's Beverage & Redemption.  With locations in Augusta, Waterville, Skowhegan, and Bangor, they where you go to stock up on beverages you love.  And, they have the largest selection in Maine.

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