It's no secret that Maine is full of incredible music talents. Sometimes those talents fizzle out and never make it out of the 207, and sometimes they catch their big break on a national tour with an established artist.

We're happy to pass along that this very thing has just happened to one of our favorite Maine groups- 12 O/C! 12 O/C, a Maine country group consisting of three brothers and their friends, have been playing all around New England for several years.

I remember my first time seeing 12 O/C was last year at the Calumet Club. Everyone said we just HAD to come out and see this group, though I wasn't 100% all in on going at first because it was a weeknight and I get up early.

However, I'm really glad I went to that show. Not only are these guys incredibly friendly, sociable and fun to hang with, they're also amazing musicians and songwriters. From originals to covering the best country hits from the 80s through today, I'm convinced there's nothing these guys can't do.

And, if you don't already, I would recommend following these guys on all social media. As a matter of fact, that's how I learned about their upcoming tour with a national country artist.

According to a video released on the band's Tik Tok account, they are hitting the road this summer with none other than country music's Drew Baldridge. Baldridge, who has multiple albums and singles, has most recently hit music success with his charting single 'Somebody's Daughter'.

@twelveocmusic_ We can’t wait to hit the road with @drewbaldridgemusic in March! Which shows are y’all getting tickets to? • • • 📸: @Jason Legassie #Countrymusic#Tour#WinterTour#drewbaldridgemusic♬ original sound - 12/OC

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