Invasive species are like that one relative who asks to stay at your house for the night and doesn't leave for 3 years. You can't stand them and its very difficult to make them go away.

Let's learn about which invasive plants in Maine that you need to look out for.

I have been doing a lot of work around my yard lately and have come to realize that their are so many different species of plant taking over that I was never aware of.

One example of a plant I noticed close to my house is a very invasive species called the purple loosestrife. I recently put out an article on this purple beauty which happens to be one of the most unwanted plants in Maine.

But wait, there's more. Yes, their are more crazy plant species that could be taking over our yards and lives. More so, they're preventing animals and other wildlife from thriving.

Maine's invasive plant species have painted themselves as the troublemakers. From the Japanese Knotweed to Garlic Mustard, these invaders have literally mastered the art of annoyance.

Below is a list of 8 unwanted invasive species that have me so annoyed.

Maines 8 Most Invasive Species

I came upon Maines most invasive species and I felt the need to share so that you can keep a look out for these crazy living things! 

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