Maine has a lot of realtors. There are so many people that are kicking butt and taking names currently in the market because it's all about the sellers. However, it does make it tough for each and every realtor to be noticed. But this is not a problem for one, out-of-the-box thinker.

I saw a TikTok Video which featured a Maine woman, roller blading at what seemed to be an open house and she, the realtor.

Her name is Jackie Harris of Keller Williams Realty, her brand is Vibrant Maine Living and I was lucky enough to speak to her about why she is the now very notable, "Maine Roller blading Realtor!"

Jackie shared with me how selling houses allows her to combine her roots and local knowledge with her passion for Maine's vibrant atmosphere and versatile landscape.

Her motto in life is “Make your own movie”,  and she truly believes that life should be full of experiences and luckily, this state offers an incredible environment to do just that.

One thing that she loves about being a realtor is exploring new places and paths that she has yet to discover in Maine and sharing them with others.

After the majority of her showings, Jackie is always look for the closest coastal community to explore on her roller blades! She always keeps her roller blades in her trunk. She has her favorite locations where she is a regular, whether it is in the evenings during sunset or in the early mornings at sunrise.

And this is exactly how Maine’s Roller Blading Realtor was born.

Jackie said, was my lifestyle that I was already living and started sharing via social media. I started getting a lot of feedback from other people saying they wanted to join me or asking me where I was rollerblading that day. It felt good to hear I was inspiring others to get outside, be active and enjoy Maine. This is when I decided to incorporate my passions and lifestyle with my professional branding.

This is incredible. I believe more people should combine what makes them happy with how they earn money because then you won't work a day in your life. Jackie has chosen to do just that. She told me it's her passion to share Maine and the lifestyle it offers with people.

 She went on to say,

We live in an incredible state where it’s fun to play tourist even when you’ve lived here for your entire life. Each season brings a new opportunity to experience Maine in a different way and with our endless coastline, lakes, mountains, and the trendy city of Portland, there is a place for everyone. As a Realtor, it is my mission to help find a location that best fits my clients’ Maine lifestyle.

Jackie is a Maine native and naturally has a strong connection to Maine’s coast and the lifestyle it has to offer. Her family roots go deep and my passion for Maine’s coast developed as a young girl. She spent most of my summers on Great Diamond Island where her grandfather was raised. When she wasn’t on the island, she was at her family’s camp on Sebago Lake which had been in her family for over 80 years, consisting of 5 camps owned by all of our relatives. So many Mainers have deep roots and family history of camping all throughout this state through the generations.

Jackie via Facebook
Jackie Harris via Email

Jackie is remarkable not just because she rollerblades through selling houses but because she understands that there is something special about connecting to your roots and growing where you have been planted in this world. She wants to give you the love that she felt growing up in a large Italian family when you buy your homes from her.

Jackie went to school for marketing at the University of Maine, Orono,  and she understands the importance of branding and as a real estate agent, it is important to find your niche and what makes you stand out as an individual.

Jackie is one of a kind and there is no other type of person to be, she's true to herself, her roots, and her love for helping others find their home.

Check out what Jackie is up to on her Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok!

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