If you have been to one of your local Maine Hannaford stores in recent days, you may have already noticed the change that has taken place in the store.

While it could be argued that the change is subtle, I would say that there's no way you'll spend more than 3 minutes inside without noticing it.

For most of us, grocery shopping is a weekly chore that we just 'have to do'. And, if you're not having your groceries delivered to your door or doing the convenient Hannaford To Go, then you have to physically go into the store.

Hannaford Forest Ave

And, when you're going up and down the aisles making sure to snag everything on your list, you may notice that the music playing overhead is a little... well, bland.

Think 'Local on the 8s' from the Weather Channel.

Well, all of that has changed.

According to the Lewiston Sun Journal, all 187 Hannaford stores, which include all 66 in Maine, have access to an array of fun, up-tempo music channels that play songs you can bop and sing along to while you shop.

Dancing, Canva
Dancing, Canva

The Sun Journal reports that the new music channels provide an array of music genres including hard-edged rock, upbeat contemporary pop, classic hits, country, hip-hop and others.

Adam Bowen, the Saco Hannaford store’s manager, who also helped lead the charge to get the music changed, told the Sun Journal in part,

“We had the same mix of music for years, the same elevator music, and it can get on people’s nerves. That was a big focus on our yearly (employee) surveys, people wanted to change the music. So we started looking at what we could do.”

Google Streetview
Google Streetview

According to the Lewiston Sun Journal, the new list of music channels that customers will now hear at Hannaford supermarkets includes,

• Country Music One, with artists like George Strait, Luke Bryan or Faith Hill

• Classic Hits, featuring a range of pop and rock artists from Boston and Bryan Adams to Janet Jackson and Gloria Gaynor

• 80s Hits, playing The Police, Madonna, Prince and others

• 70s Hits, with Elton John, Fleetwood Mac and The Eagles

Who do you hope to hear while you're shopping at Hannaford?

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