Even though summer is the season that most often comes to mind when we think about spending a lot of time outside with the family, we need to remember that fall can be almost as good as summer when it comes to going on family adventures.

Sure, you probably don't want to go to the beach in the fall, but there are so many other activities you can participate in.  Cornfield mazes, nature walks, ATV rides, and there are some really great fall festivals, too.



Hurricane Meadows Fall Festival

Of the dozens of fall festivals and events in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and the rest of New England, one that definitely needs to be on your list is the Hurricane Meadows Fall Festival.

The festival, located on Hurricane Road in Falmouth, has a little something for everyone.

One of the highlights of the event is the massive, 5 acre, cornfield maze.  This year's maze has a lobstering theme and will help support the lobstering industry.  Some of the money from ticket sales will go to help local lobstermen and lobsterwomen.

In addition to the maze, the event also features potato guns, paintball, a giant jumping pillow, pick your own pumpkins, the bubble barn, a bee train for the kids, and more.


This year's event runs from September 15th through October 29th.  It'll be open every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 10 AM to 6 PM.  Additionally, it will be open on the Monday of Columbus Day / Indigenous Peoples' Day.

Tickets for the festival are only $12.  Sounds like a pretty good deal for an entire afternoon of fun.

For more information, check out their Facebook page or call 207.749.0455

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