As we enter the winter months, there is a good chance that your kids are spending a lot more time inside.  They are probably glued to their tablets, phones, and video games.  All they want to do is sit around with a screen in their face.  As a parent, this is probably really frustrating you, right?

What do you do?  How do you make sure your kids are getting enough exercise?

Why not take them sledding?

Sledding is a really fun way for the kids to get some exercise and fresh air.  And it is cheap.

You can usually find a basic plastic sled for less than $20.  On the Cabela's website, you can get a sled that is big enough for two kids delivered to your door for less than $17.

Jakob Rosen / Unsplash
Jakob Rosen / Unsplash

Additionally, most of the best sledding spots are free.

Not sure where to go sledding?  Check out our list of the best sledding spots in Maine.

Great Sledding Places In Maine

Here are some of the best places to take your kids sledding in Maine. Keep in mind that some of these are suggestions from listeners. Because of this, if you are not going to a public space, you are going to want to reach out to the owners to make sure it is okay to sled on their property. *SLED AT YOUR OWN RISK*

Because sledding is really weather-dependent, you want to keep in mind that some of these places may not be good for sledding right now.  This is often the case early and late in the season.  You may want to scout them out in advance.

We mentioned that you can get a decent sled for less than $20.  These are great for most kids, but if your child is big into sledding, you can get them something a little more advanced. Walmart has sledding tubes for about $30.  If your kid really loves sledding, you could always get them a mini-bobsled.  These super cool sleds kind of look like a snowmobile and go for just under $100.

What is your favorite sledding spot?  Let us know by sending us a message inside our app.

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