'Man of Steel' has a villain any Superman fan will recognize: General Zod. Played by Oscar-nominee Michael Shannon, Zod was famously seen in 'Superman II' and introduced the classic line, "Kneel before Zod!" But is there another Superman bad guy in 'Man of Steel?' One that the filmmakers are trying to keep quiet? There very well may be and that top secret villain may have been spoiled with details on the new 'Man of Steel' toy line. Potential spoilers ahead...

Brick Heroes reports from the 2013 London Toy Fair and the many LEGO sets previewed. There's the standard fare for the 'Man of Steel' line - Superman, Lois Lane, etc. - but there's one character listed that we previously had not heard about appearing in 'Man of Steel' - Tor-An.

Tor-An is the right-hand man of General Zod and, in the comics, was sent to Earth as a sleeper agent under the human alias David Carter. There Tor-An lived for 18 years. We know that General Zod fights alongside Faora in 'Man of Steel' but does he have another henchman who's living as a human?

There is no "David Carter" listed in the current 'Man of Steel' cast but it's possible producers changed the human name of the character so as to not arouse suspicions and protect a twist in the film.

Toys aren't always 100% in predicting movie spoilers but they have in the past revealed some things the filmmakers would rather you not know. What do you think? Do you think