There is no question that the drug, particularly fentanyl, crisis has gotten out of control here in Maine and across the country. As border patrol struggles to keep a grasp on the deadly drug pouring over the southern border, Americans are paying the price in the form of overdose deaths as the border remains a wide-open floodgate.

According to WGME 13, a New York man will spend the next two years in prison in his role of the death of two Maine residents. Court documents explain that, Tyler Dean, 49 of New York, had been in contact with a Maine couple from Rockland in a text message thread.

Dean, who used an alias to commit the crime, told court officials that he knew he was sending an illicit substance through the mail, though he claims he didn't know that it was fentanyl.

When the Rockland, Maine couple received the envelope containing the drug, they both died of an overdose the very same day. Since then, Dean has been convicted in a court of law and will spend the next two years incarcerated for the crime.

WGME went on to say in part,

Text and Facebook messages confirmed Dean mailed the envelope and knew that he was sending a controlled substance but did not know the identity of the substance he shipped. Lab testing confirmed that the envelope contained fentanyl, according to the Department of Justice.

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