A lot of people are already aware, but for those that aren't, I am the man of honor in my sister's upcoming September wedding. Along with some of the other normal duties involved, I also tagged along for bridesmaid dress shopping this past weekend down in Portland. It was actually pretty fun!

Aside from being the only dude in the store (David's Bridal) it was really a great experience- And let's be honest; being surrounded by all those women wasn't bad either! Just kidding, babe, it was horrible ;) Worry not, my wife, also a bridesmaid, was there, too!

After about an hour or so of shopping everyone had made their opinion and the styles and colors were decided on. Obviously, because it's top-secret wedding stuff, I can't share any of that with you- or I'd have to kill you.

I was also promised that after the dress shopping was over we would promptly find ourselves at the Sea Dog for beers and grub! However, the immediate plan took a bit of a turn when someone when said, "hey, there's a panty sale at Victoria's Secret!". Now, normally I haven't a problem going to and actively participating in shopping over at Vickie Seeks- bbuuutttt when it also involves your mom and sister, well, that's just friggin' weird bub,

So off to the Sea Dog I headed alone-


^^ Just in case you didn't believe me. After my sampler flight arrived at the table so did the rest of the crew. Just in time to enjoy some nice cold bevvies and grub. A great ending to a great day!