Last week I was in the studio here at work after the morning show had ended getting some extra work done before it was time to go home. Now it's not super-uncommon after we get off the air to hear from my wife via phone call, Facetime or text. Well, last Thursday she decided to text me, but it wasn't the text I was expecting to receive.

What I received from Keri was a picture of a man from some kind of a clothing/retailer website wearing a nightie. A man-nightie. Now, in retrospect I guess this thing is more like a reallllyyyy long shirt than a traditional nightie. But, for the sake of the ever-important visualization of this whole debacle, let's call it a nightie.

Along with the picture of the nightie came the question of what color and size I wanted it in. I was a little taken aback by this because I had no idea why my wife would want to order me such a thing. She told me that she saw it online and thought I'd be really comfortable sleeping in it. I can tell you, if there's one thing I *wouldn't* be while sleeping in a nightie, it's comfortable. Oh, she also asked me what color I wanted it in, too.

Long story short, it turns out it's all part of a viral social media prank that is spreading around the interwebs where women ask their husband or boyfriend what size and color they want their nightie to be ordered in following the sending of the picture I referred to earlier.

So men, if you happen to see this come through your text thread, just know that it's all part of a nationwide prank, and that they will be screenshotting your response and posting it in some group where all the women laugh at us.

Also, I decided to go with the blue one.

James Family Bowling 10-24-2020

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